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Home of the official Red River College retiree blog. The place for retirees to stay connected.

9:30 am, Thursday February 20: Const. Garnie McIntyre, Crystal Meth/Evening Safety

You’re Invited!

Hello Heritage Group Members, I’d like to invite you all to a few events happening in the month of February! On February 6th, RRC’s ACE Project Space announces a new partnership between ACE, North Forge Technology Exchange and North Forge East. On February 12th, artist Jackie Traverse will unveil the artwork she’s created for RRC’s…

Bob Rosendahl

We are sad to share the news that Robert Roy Rosendahl passed away?on Friday, January 17.? Bob was instructor in RRCC’s teacher edution program for 17 years. You are invited to share a memory, a picture or story of how Bob inspired you at memories.routerworkshop.com. A private family memorial is being planned.?In lieu of flowers,…

Where are they now?

Remember those great HG Newsletters that Michael Gale and Ron Blicq used to produce? I always enjoyed reading their profiles of Heritage Group members in a section lled, “Where are they now?” (You n check out a few of those pre-2014 newsletters at?rrc-hg.ca/newsletters/.) Wouldn’t it be nice to revive that column? I invite you all…

Don Robertson

We are saddened to note the passing of Don Robertson, first and former Dean of the School of Indigenous Edution. Though not a Heritage Group member, having left the college for a position elsewhere, Don was known and respected by so many of us at RRC. Instead of flowers, donations to the United Way or…

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